Why It Works

81% of consumers research online before making a purchasing decision. Adding value to the consumer’s “due diligence phase,” the research prior to a purchasing decision, puts your product or service on a more trusted footing, and moves you to the front of the line among competitive offerings.

Content marketing, aka inbound marketing, replaces the interruptive, promotional marketing with interesting and helpful content. Whether it entertains or informs, quality content marketing provides potential customers with something of value, a positive emotional experience, and a lasting impression, which can lead to increased sales, increased brand awareness, social media shares, brand endorsements, and word-of-mouth references. A continuous stream of content attracts new customers and stimulates existing customers to reconnect organically, keeping you fresh in their minds, and activating the viral potential of social media when they like, comment on, or share your feature content.

Content that teaches, inspires, guides, amuses, or solves a problem is most commonly delivered via blog posts or articles, white papers, videos, podcasts, e-books, or landing pages with intuitive call-to-actions. The challenge is to make the right people aware of your content, at the time, when it has the greatest potential to deliver results. Carefully crafted content has a search engine optimization (SEO) value. It’s the combination of organic and paid online marketing that delivers the quickest increase of qualified web traffic, and maximizes the return on investment. Paid search initiatives allow you to compete for high-volume keywords, for which it may be difficult to rank organically. Display campaigns leverage compelling images combined with the right catchphrase. Paid online marketing is highly data-driven, allowing specific interest-based, demographic and geographic targeting, and delivering a wealth of information you can use in return to make your campaigns increasingly more cost effective and efficient.

86% of viewers skip video ads, 91% unsubscribe from email lists, 44% of mail is never opened, and over 200 million people are on the do not call list. Only high-quality content will trigger interest that leads to engagement. Our campaigns typically deliver 25–90% additional website traffic and a 35% increase in lead engagement, at a fraction of the cost of traditional print, radio, or display advertising.