Multi-Touch, Direct Marketing

ClingZ is the manufacturer of an innovative graphic film that clings to any surface with an electric charge—no adhesives, no residue. Used for temporary marketing and promotional signage. Applications include store windows, product displays, medical offices, delicate surfaces, events, and tradeshows.

Tagline Nailing the key distinction of this innovative product in two words was our first success, and laid the foundation for additional development.

Innovative products have the extra challenge of market education. Teaching distributors, printers, designers and end-users about a new type of print media with unique applications required multi-touch campaigns, and consistent outreach. We started by refining their tri-lingual website’s navigation, content presentation, calls-to-action, messaging, and tone to cater to world-wide sales channels. We defined market segments, created lead lists for campaigns in the U.S, Europe, and Australia, and launched a direct marketing and lead nurturing program targeting decision makers for point-of-sale, point-of-care, and event marketing. This included an overhaul of collateral, useful to the needs of distributors and printers.

HUMOR Light-hearted and engaging imagery kept our extended, multi-touch, direct marketing campaigns from becoming stale, and helped maintain consistently high open rates.
MARKET SEGMENTS The product’s unique characteristics made it particularly suitable for specific applications and venues, such as television screens, or inside medical facilities. Besides extolling the specific qualities of the product, our direct marketing campaigns informed potential clients within targeted market segments of the variety of possible applications.
TRADESHOWS Changing graphics throughout the event, clear messaging, and an interactive display, allowed visitors to experience the unique characteristics of a unique print substrate first hand.

Over 18 months, 75% of engagements led to an initial purchase. 60% of these new customers ended up being repeat customers. Information gathered from the end-user relationships allowed streamlining internal processes, and made functional resource allocation decisions within the organization more efficient.