Conservation Solutions

Content Management & Technology Infrastructure

Conservation Solutions is an international firm, providing preservation and restoration related services to governments and private owners of historic art, architecture, and cultural artifacts. The company needed to refine their branding, develop a stronger online presence, better showcase their portfolio, and develop a cloud-based file sharing and project management solution to support their internationally growing enterprise. The client’s business grew by over 60% during the first two years of our engagement.

BRANDING REFINEMENT This text driven logo and tagline combines a clean technical font with a classic font rooted in antiquity. Inline letter substitutions imply a magnifying glass, suggesting intelligence and details, while the same elements where rearranged to suggest the bright optimism and equilibrium of the sun at its peak.


CLOUD BASED SYSTEM The custom database served as content management system for the website and internal reporting needs, supporting organizational memory and learning.


A LARGE BODY OF WORK When a client has a large portfolio or many product offerings, it’s important to facilitate specific need or topic-based research, while also providing for a more leisurely browsing experience for general interest users.