El Meson

Spanish Restaurant & Tapas Bar

After 15 years in business, El Mesón engaged us to celebrate their anniversary as one of Santa Fe’s premier dining experiences.

AUTHENTICITY A Mesón is a word meaning large table, or rustic tavern in Spain. In Santa Fe, a city filled-to-bursting with Mexican and New Mexican cuisine, El Mesón focuses on authentic classical Spanish gastronomy from the various regions of Iberia.


PRINT El Mesón invested in full-page placements in select publications targeting locals and visitors to Santa Fe.

During 2008 and 2009 travel was down and the business was slow. We shifted more resources from print to digital direct marketing, social media, and pay-per-click initiatives, optimizing the marketing budget.


WEBSITE The website emulates the two sides of the restaurant: the buoyant tapas bar with live music, and the restaurant, providing a more formal, fine dining experience.

Now 20 years in business, a refresh of the website, built to support ongoing online marketing initiatives. Regular social media efforts have engaged a loyal following. The restaurant is in full swing, and earning praises from visitors from all over the world.