Genoma International


Genoma International offers genomic testing, analysis, education, and certification programs for clinicians. By accessing genomic data, healthcare professionals can create personalized interventions specifically tailored to a patient’s unique biochemistry.

BRANDING  The new logo is clean, clear, and contemporary. An unusual accent color helps to make it distinctive in the international marketplace.
TONE  Every company, product, or service has it’s own personality and optimal tone. Genoma benefits from taking the clinical high-ground, maintaining a dignified, professional, rational, and high-end appearance throughout all communication and materials.
MARKET EDUCATION  With an emerging medical discipline a lot of effort goes into preparing the market, and educating providers and patients. A resources rich website educates about the benefits and applications of genomic analysis.
SPECIALIZED APPLICATIONS  The unprecedented insights into a body’s metabolisms broaden applications beyond treatment and prevention, for example allowing dedicated athletes to optimize training and performance, and accelerating recovery from injury.
TARGETING  Genomic tests analyze the predispositions of over 200 conditions, giving us the opportunity to single out specific areas of concern to drive interest and traffic.

At the time of our engagement, the company had multiple websites and brands that were not functioning as a coherent whole. We rebranded the company, consolidate four websites into one system, integrated an efficient e-commerce platform to support continuous growth, and developed a communication program catering to both clinicians and patients. We helped to launch a corporate wellness initiative, which included a trade show booth, a white paper, and collateral. Our engagement put the company on a more solid foundation for future efforts, and realized a 38% growth in sales over 12 months.