Santa Fe Plastic Surgery Center

Exit Strategy

The founding surgeon engaged us to work on an exit plan in preparation for retirement 5–8 years down the road. We assessed organizational solutions for the existing medical practice that would provide scalability, and be favorable toward a future sale. Based on these findings, we rebranded the single surgeon practice into a center for plastic surgery. New website, social media, internal collateral, and a comprehensive outreach and awareness campaign was implemented. Content marketing provides an ongoing stream of leads. Refined lead nurturing, patient communication, and onboarding processes increase conversion rates.

We increased the number of consultations by 36%, realized pre-recession levels in sales, and made the Santa Fe Plastic Surgery Center an attractive target for acquisition.

NEW LOGO Shifting from a single surgeon practice to a group business model and brand was pivotal in creating scalability, longevity and value for the practice.


WEBSITE The new website provided the foundation for effective content marketing for both Google Adwords and Facebook promotions. Clear calls-to-action increased interactivity and lead conversion rates, resulting in elevated numbers of consultation requests.
COLLATERAL Sensitively designed, modular information packages educate and manage expectations,  focusing on the differentiating aspects of the service offerings at Santa Fe Plastic Surgery Center.