Today’s customers turn to Google and social media before talking to a salesperson or walking into a store. They research products and services, compare options, and read reviews. Easy access to virtual information influences what gets purchased, and from where.

Successful advertising gets in front of consumers when they are looking for exactly what you offer. You will need a responsive website, optimized for search engines (SEO), high-quality content, that drives leads to custom landing pages, and ideally an active social media channel. Staying connected with existing customers via email marketing can also very effectively hit this target.

Online advertising delivers instant resultsGoogle Ads put you on the fast track. It allows you to immediately compete for keywords and search phrases that take a long time to rank for organically, immediately driving qualified traffic to your website. If visitors like what they see, they initiate a transaction, sign up for your newsletter, check out your social media sites, and come back for more.

Social Media ads are a very effective way to get in front of your targeted audience. Social media knows more about its users than any other platform, allowing marketer to target demographics by age, sex, geography, and other interests. Social media also has viral potential, so when a user likes, comments, or shares your content, you receive a cascade of additional impressions—for free!

Digital advertising makes it easy to measure results. You’ll know exactly how many people saw your ad, engaged with it, and converted. Traditional forms of advertising simply can’t do that. Based on the metrics provided by digital campaigns, we are able to modify, refine, and optimize them to achieve maximum impact at minimum cost. Targeting and reporting are a combination that makes digital advertising hard to beat, and therefore it should always be a top marketing priority.

What about traditional advertising?

Billboards in cities and along major highways, newspapers and magazines, television and radio commercials are expensive, earning only brief attention from thousands of uninterested parties in order to reach a relevant few. But it’s not all bad news! Research shows:

  • People trust print ads more than digital ads
  • People can remember print ads better than digital ads
  • Traditional marketing carries inherent prestige

Use traditional marketing on a selective basis. Target specific opportunities for maximum impact and value. Invest in traditional marketing for it’s prestige and reach as a secondary priority to your digital marketing foundation.