Content Marketing

81% of consumers research online before making a purchasing decision. When you add value to a consumer’s due diligence/decision-making phase, it puts your business on a trusted footing, and moves you to the front of the line among competitive offerings.

Content marketing replaces interruptive, promotional marketing with interesting and helpful content. Whether it entertains or informs, quality content marketing offers potential customers something of value, a positive emotional experience, and a lasting impression, which can lead to increased sales, brand awareness, social media shares, endorsements, and word-of-mouth references. A reliable stream of content attracts new customers and stimulates existing customers to reconnect, keeping you fresh in their minds, and activating the viral potential of social media when they like, comment on, or share your content.

Content has a search engine optimization (SEO) value. Combine organic and paid online marketing to quickly deliver qualified web traffic, and maximize your return on investment.

86% of viewers skip video ads, 91% unsubscribe from email lists, 44% of mail is never opened, and over 200 million people are on the do not call list. High-quality content sidesteps these barriers and leads to directly to engagement. Our typical content marketing campaigns deliver 25–90% additional website traffic and a 35% increase in lead engagement at a fraction of the cost of traditional print, radio, or display advertising.