Video Marketing

Video blogs, video interviews, video presentations, tutorials, product reviews, product demos, video testimonials, and video ads—is it worth the effort? The answer is yes.

  • 55% of consumers watch videos prior to a purchase
  • 54% of consumers want more video content

The secret to success? Be interesting. Leveraging humor, or presenting information in a sophisticated way are equally powerful. Video is multi-dimensional, with images, footage, animations, scripts, soundtracks, rhythm, transitions, and special effects. It’s the perfect media to meaningfully engage and leave lasting impressions. A successful print ad grabs a consumers attention for several seconds. Video succeeds for minutes, or even longer. When a customer feels they’ve learned something and been entertained in the process, they’ll trust your authority, seek your services, and recommend you to peers.

Define your audience. If you know the targeted viewer’s age, where they live, their interests, how they consume content, and what stage of the customer journey they are in, you can determine what type of video you should make and where it should be published. View rate, play rate, social sharing, completion rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, and views over time are metrics that provide valuable marketing insights, defining opportunities for optimization and future priorities.

Creating video has never been easier or more cost-effective. Video marketing is within reach for businesses of any size, at large or small budgets. Many consumers respond as well to lower quality, “candid” videos as they do to ones that are movie-quality. A well developed storyboard and script that hits the right tone will streamline even complicated productions. Maybe it’s time to make video part of your marketing strategy?